What do you do when dirt happens?

We’ve all been there.  Kids, pets, out of town guests, you know how it is.  What once was perfect is now, well, let’s just say… a little less than.  The fridge isn’t supposed to look like that, surely?  Is that mayonnaise on the door?  I really, really hope so.  Whatever it is, cleaning it up is gonna take some work.

What do you reach for?  Grandma’s old  home-made concoction? The nasty chemical stuff, or something greener and more modern?  What helps you decide exactly?  Around here we think about efficiency and caring for the planet.  We want something that can handle the job, but we’re not willing to poison the environment to do it— hence our new line of cleaners.

We’re busy people at Real Simple Clean. We all care about the world we live in, and we all like things nice and shiny; so we set out to make ourselves happy, with the idea that if we’re happy with what we make, you will be too.

We focused on the kind of cleaning problems that conventional cleaners typically just bombard with chemicals.  How can we get those greasy fingerprints off of the stainless steel fridge without making the kitchen smell like a hospital?  How do we clean our granite counters without drying them out and leaving them open to collecting yet more dirt?

And speaking of drying things out, you wouldn’t clean your face without moisturizing, so why would you treat your precious (and expensive) stone countertops any different?  Granite needs love too, people!  Are we right?

Leather, glass, wood, stone, metal, and ceramic can all get the Real Simple treatment, so give your home the love it deserves and try our Clean Home products today.

It’s summertime, and the shipping is easy (and free) all the way through to the Fall.  Treat your stuff to the kind of pampering you’ll both appreciate.

Has dirt happened to you? Tell us all about it in the comments.  We’d love to hear from you.

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