Have a Vacation to Remember While Traveling on a Budget

Everyone wants their vacation to be perfect. Perfect location, accommodations, food, and fun. Often, people think they need a big budget to have an amazing trip. You can have a spectacular trip on a budget, however. It just takes a little planning. Planning makes perfect, right?

Travel Off-Season

First things first, the best way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to travel in the off-season. Avoid the most popular times to visit somewhere. Skip the weekends, if possible. Don’t travel during Spring Break or summer if you can avoid it! And celebrate your holidays at home.

For example, in Myrtle Beach, SC, going to the beach in October as opposed to August can see hotel prices slashed by more than half. Going in the off-season means you skip the crowds. That can be worth it in itself.


Wait Until the Last Minute

On that same token, it is helpful to look for last-minute deals. A lot of hotels, cabins, and airlines offer last-minute deals on lodging they have not filled yet. A last-minute special could lead you to an amazing holiday you might not have considered otherwise, such as an amazing deal on hot-tub cabins in the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio!


Seek Free Things To Do

Part of why you go to an awesome destination is to see that destination. There is no need to do a ton of shopping and you don’t have to go somewhere that charges admission to soak in the local culture. Instead, get out there and explore.

If you are going to the beach, then go to the beach. There are so many different things you can do by the water for free. You can look for shells, fly a kite, take a swim, have a treasure hunt, and so much more, and it won’t even cost you a dime. No matter where you visit, you can go for a hike, walk through the downtown area, or meander on a path of your own invention.


Check for coupons

Groupon is one great resource where you can sign up for alerts to special sales in your area. Sign up ahead of time so you can get a feel for the different activities that get discounted in that area.

Tourist destinations, as well as most cities, have official websites. And many of them have travel brochures that you can send away for. A lot of these travel brochures have coupons as well.


Also, note that a lot of restaurants have apps where you can sign up for coupons or freebies that you can take advantage of on your trip.

For example, do you already know everyone in your family will want to hit McDonald’s for breakfast on the road? If so, sign up now for the app and that way you will be ready to use the coupons on your trip.


Skip the convenience store and gas stations (well, except for gas of course)

These places may be called convenient, but they are a true inconvenience to your wallet. They often jack up the prices on everything. You could be spending this money on something way more fun on your trip.

Save money by bringing your snacks and drinks. You can pack granola bars, cookies, fruits, vegetables, chips, and more. Avoid dairy and chocolate unless you have a cooler.

Grocery stores in tourist destinations often charge more than average, too. Bring with you what you can. Only pay higher prices for the items that you can’t take with you when you travel.


Make a re-usable packing list for useful items

Just like with food, other items you may forget will generally end up costing more on the road than at home. Things like toiletries, sunglasses, and ibuprofen are all necessary, so put them on your list.

One great thing to remember to pack is our Real Simple Travel-Sized Wrinkle Release. It fits neatly into any bag and will save you worrying about wrinkled clothes when you reach your destination.

While we can travel light, it’s not always possible to travel neat, at least not where our clothes are concerned. Our wrinkle release spray has got your back. And if you can’t decide between Fresh Citrus, Lavender, and Unscented, we offer a variety pack as well.

Having an all-inclusive list and checking items off of it as you pack will go a long way to ensuring your extra spending money is for fun not for forgetfulness.


Find that balance between thinking ahead and freedom, and you can make your next vacation one to remember without breaking the bank.

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