How Much Time Do You Spend on Housework Each Week?

Unless you’ve taken the time to figure out how much time you spend cleaning each week, you probably have no idea. People’s estimates can be far from the truth. It’s worth finding out how much time you spend cleaning, because housework can be a full-time job, unless it’s shared.

Let’s suppose that someone has three bedrooms, two full-size bathrooms, and one ¾ bath. She also has an eat-in kitchen, a dining room, an office, a family room, and a laundry room. She and her partner have two children, a dog, and a cat. The children are responsible for doing a few things around the house, but mainly it’s on her.  How much time does she spend each week cleaning her house?

Categories of Cleaning

Think about the areas of your home that are cleaned daily? Every other day? Once a week? What follows is a generic list that may or may not be accurate for your situation, but is worth thinking about.

Kitchen – 5 to 7 hours/week

In most homes, the kitchen is the hub of the house. Usually, two meals per day are eaten at home.

Preparing meals and cleaning up afterward, therefore, happens every day, at least twice a day.

Breakfast is eaten in the kitchen, and dinner in the dining room. So loading and unloading the dishwasher, washing pots by hand, and making sure that the floors are swept daily, then mopped weekly, takes how long?

Does anyone help?

Don’t forget the dog and the cat. Their sleeping areas need attention, and the cat’s litter box needs to be cleaned regularly.

Bathrooms & Laundry – 3.5 to 4.5 hours/week

Bathroom brushes help a lot to keep the toilet clean, if everyone uses them. Once a week, however, toilets, tubs, showers, and basins need a once-over to keep everything sanitary and up to snuff.

How long does that take when there are two bathrooms in the house?

Typically, combining laundry and cleaning the bathrooms makes sense for a lot of people.

Throwing laundry in, then cleaning a bathroom, lets the washing machine work while you’re doing something else.

An average family of four with pets does 8 to 12 loads a week. Pet paraphernalia requires a load of its own.

The estimate for doing laundry, changing bed sheets and bathroom towels, and cleaning two bathrooms is 3.5 to 4.5 hours a week.

Floors – 2.5 Hours/Week

Everything ends up on the floor. Especially when you have kids. Dust, dirt, food. You name it. The floor is often its final destination.

Say you have a combination of hardwood floors, carpets, and linoleum and/or tile. Carpets get vacuumed at least weekly. The hardwoods get vacuumed weekly and polished periodically.  Other floors might be swept daily and washed weekly or semi-weekly.

Then there are the stairs and hallways that require care.

Overall, about 2.5 hours a week.

Miscellaneous – 8 to 9 hours/week

This category covers anything that you do that isn’t listed above, including picking up, organizing, cooking, composting, and organizing the recycling. It’s hard to put a time on this because it varies so much from household to household, but let’s say 8 to 9 hours per week in this catch-all category.

Total – 19 to 23 hours/week

The climate you live in also dictates whether or not you have a lot to do in the fall and spring seasons, outside as well as inside. And this total does not take into account all the activities that your household engages in either, like window washing, gardening, and other projects that you might undertake.

However, it does give you a way to think about how much time you invest in getting things done around your home. A lot goes into keeping your spaces safe and clean for the whole family.

Whether one person is doing most of the work because they stay at home, or it is largely shared, maintaining a house takes time. Using the right products helps a lot. So does everyone picking up after themselves on a routine basis.

The above estimate is a rough but useful way to think about all you have to do to daily and weekly to keep your house clean and tidy. Staying on top of maintaining a house can be a full-time job in its own right, especially if the house is large.

Using versatile products that are natural and effective can make your varied tasks easier, and take a load off your mind in the process.

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  1. I do all the cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry (mostly), organising and pet maintenance. I’m 56 and there are 4 others in the house. Probably spend 30 hours a week doing all that, maybe more. I even bring in the bins and wash them out. Fortunately, I don’t mow the lawn!

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