Kids: Love ‘em to Pieces. Still Have to Clean Up After Them

When you have kids in school, a lot of things change as the summer months begin. Some of these things are good: no more bus schedule or after-school practice, no more homework or permission slips, and no more running around like a chicken with your head cut off every Monday morning. Did you notice though that a few things change, … Read More

Teaching Kids Honesty By Being Honest Yourself

When you are a parent, the list of things to worry about can seem endless! What will my child be when they grow up? Will my child grow up to have a good head on their shoulders? Will they be kind? Motivated? Did I do a good job?

How to Raise a Grateful Child

The crisp fall air turns to colder weather, and the holidays approach. Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the year, remember the challenges and the triumphs, to spend time with family and to give thanks. Gratitude can be taught and instilled in children from a young age. It helps them to navigate the world of making friends, socialization, and integrating into daily life.