Celebrate National Book Lover’s Day with this Summer Beach Reading List

This August 9this National Book Lover’s Day and we have got you covered. Beach reads are some of the best and the perfect thing for a lazy summer day.

There are so many books to choose from that we have compiled a list of the Top Ten Must-Read Summer Beach Books for 2018.

Pick a few that stand out to you and delve into a great story. Enjoy! 


Top Ten Must-Read Summer Beach Books for 2018

1. The Lidoby Libby Page – An earmark of a great summer read is a story about friendship. This book focuses on the unlikely relationship between Kate, age 26, and Rosemary, age 86.

This book follows the two women as they discover they have more in common than they originally thought.

2. Emma In The Nightby Wendy Walker – This tale of intrigue focuses on two sisters who disappeared one day on the beach. Did they drown? Did they run away? Were they attacked? No one knows the truth of that day until one sister comes home, three years later. What unfolds needs to be read to be believed.

3. The High Tide Clubby Mary Kay Andrews – The cover says “beach read” when you see the red and white beach bag with a backdrop of sand dunes and summer possibilities. In the 1940s, an heiress wants to preserve her family land, but in doing so uncovers a secret that has shaped past generations for years.

4. Surprise Meby Sophie Kinsella – Kinsella is well known for writing the book equivalent of a rom-com. Her way with words can be both touching and comedic in the same sentence.

This book focuses on Sylvie and Dan, a couple who decide to shake things up to keep their marriage fresh. You will love reading all about their decisions and how shaking things up can be both good and bad.

5. When Life Gives You Lululemonsby Lauren Weisberger is one of the most anticipated follow-ups of the year. It takes place in the wonderful world that The Devil Wears Pradabrought us, and follows the main character Emily as she leaves the world of high-fashion and tries suburbia instead.

Will she find much of a difference and will she learn to survive in this new world where friendship can make or break you?

6. Carousel Beachby Orly Konig – This must-read, sure to be a classic, tells the tale of Maya Brice and her quest to restore an antique carousel. Along the way, she meets an elderly man named Hank, who shares his tales of the past, some of which will change forever things she thought she knew about her family.

7. The Beachby Elisabeth Cohen- Have you ever said: “If my younger self could see me now?” In this novel, mother of two Shelly meets a young lady who appears to be no-one else than Shelly at a much younger age. What will young Shelly think of how her life turned out?

8. Dreams of Fallingby Karen White – The North Santee River in South Carolina is the perfect backdrop for the story of Larkin Lanier and her return home. While there, she begins to explore a 50-year old mystery that has depths has murky as the North Santee itself.

9. The Shortest Way Homeby Mirian Parker – This story focuses on how change can be scary but good, especially when you decide to say yes to the life you want and not the life you may have settled for.

This story follows Hannah and the fallout from her deciding to take an unexpected job offer at a California winery.

10. Summer of Saltby Katrina Leno – This tale takes you into the magical world of a family whose women receive magic powers on their 18th This time, a pair of twins, Georgina and Mary, receive their gift right before a tragedy occurs and the weather begins to change.

This is a mysterious tale of friendship and sisterhood.


No matter what you choose to read, get reading this summer. A great tale can transport you from every day life into a rich and descriptive fantasy world that is then yours forever.

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