Tackling Summer Odors

Aah, the sweet smells of summer. You know them, don’t you? The smell in the air following an afternoon rain shower. The smell of freshly cut grass. The smell of sunshine and sunscreen on a beautiful summer day.

But, what about the “other” smells? The ones you associate with summer but not in a good way.


The smell of your child after they rode their bike on a steamy 90-degree day. The smell of the backdoor shoe pile (because everyone forgets to wear socks). The smell of your car because someone left their half-opened container of milk from McDonald’s inside. Or the smell of your dog after he spent the day happily ensconced in the neighborhood mud puddle. These are also the smells of summer.

But they don’t have to be.

Take back your summer and banish those smelly, sweaty, scents once and for all.


Sweat Smells

There is not much that you can do about your child sweating on a hot summer day, but there are a couple things that help. Remind the kiddos that even though school ended for the year, they are still required to shower before bed. It is amazing how many of them manage to forget this!

Make sure everyone has their very own summer bag. A great type of bag to use are those polypropylene bags with the drawstring handles. You probably already have one. Kids get them everywhere, at sporting events, at school, at the fair, and so forth. Or you can pick one up at most dollar stores. Fill the bag with items such as deodorant, foot powder, cleansing wipes, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops, and anything else that you think they could use.

This way, it’s easier for them to clean up a bit throughout the day and, if nothing else, when its time to go to the pool, everyone can grab their own bag and head out the door.


Shoe Smells

Where do your kids plop their shoes off? The backdoor? The mudroom? All over the house?

Designate one spot for shoes to come on and off during the summer months (choosing a second spot for extra dirty shoes is a great idea in the garage).

Keep foot powder next to the shoe pile. Yeah, they should probably be capable of walking into the bathroom to get the foot powder but will they?

And tout the benefits of socks! Socks can go a long way towards keeping a shoe from stinking up the whole house. In fact, a basket of clean socks next to the shoes is not a bad idea.


Car Smells

When it comes to the car, it may seem as though the garbage left in your car triples during summer and all the school year rules about carrying your stuff in with you have been set aside along with school. The best thing you can do here is to stay on the ball. Make sure everyone gets their garbage out of the car before you even turn off the AC.


Dog Smells

Short of banishing the dog to the backyard for all eternity, it is really up to the humans to make sure that the dog doesn’t stink up your home.

Make a dog-washing schedule and stick it on the fridge. A hot dog is a smelly dog, so make sure that your pup always has plenty of fresh, cool water as well as a shady spot where he can get out of the sun.

If your dog tracks in some mud or whatever is on the couch that you are afraid to ask about, you can use our stain and odor Removal. You can use it in your car too; on those melted M&Ms. They might not melt in your hand but they sure will on your car’s back seat.



At home, whenever it is cool enough, open your windows and let the fresh air in. Fresh air works wonders for getting stinky, sweaty, summer smells out of your home.

If you love the smells of summer, you can find a huge assortment of candles, soaps, air sprays, dryer sheets, shampoo, body wash, and lotion to make every part of your home smell great.

Summer is fast approaching. The great summer smells are coming. Don’t let them be spoiled by the bad smells lurking around the corner. Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to smell nothing but sunshine and good times.

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