Diving into Summer Deals on QVC

The warm weather has arrived and it’s time to air out the bedding and dust off all those light, airy clothes! The only problem you may have is that those lovely fabrics might be wrinkled from being in storage all winter long. So, off to the ironing board … or maybe not?!


There is an amazing product available on QVC that can save time and ironing. Imagine the things you could do with your life if you didn’t have to spend that time ironing? There’s so much to see and do. We want to help you make the most of the summer season.

And who wouldn’t want more time to look put together without any effort?


Shake, Spray, Snap

The Real Simple Clean Wrinkle Release and Fabric Refresher Spray Bundle offers a way to de-wrinkle clothes and bedding with a simple process.

Shake the bottle, spray on the fabric, and then snap the fabric by a quick shake out. Wait for it to dry and the wrinkles will be gone.

There are several scents to choose from. The great thing is that with the bundle sold on QVC, you can try them all for a lower price than buying them separately. If you want to look great and smell great, too, then this is a great way to accomplish both your goals!

Our sense of smell is very important. Not all summer smells are pleasant. It’s not all cut flowers and fresh laundry. Think body odour, caused by sweat and augmented by clothes that haven’t had the best treatment.

A good smell, however, can go a long way to making a great impression. Our sense of smell is underestimated. Whether we are aware of it or not, the way something or soemone smells is often the first thing that we notice and that affects how we think about them.

Here are a couple of popular scents that might help make your summer, or someone else’s, this year.



Lavender scent is known for its calming properties, which makes it the one to use on pillowcases, sheets, and comforters.

Simply spray and refresh the bedding scent each day in the morning. Then at the end of the day, you’ll have a lovely, relaxing scent as you snuggle into your sheets.



Fresh citrus scent gives a rejuvenating feeling and is great for spraying onto a button-down work shirt that needs to be straightened out. When you arise in the morning, spray citrus scent on the shirt, then leave it while you shower. After a few minutes, the shirt will be dry and you’re ready to get dressed for the busy day ahead.


Unscented, too

For those who don’t like any scent, there is also an unscented spray available. Use on children’s clothes, for example, or for those who are very sensitive to any scents but don’t want to miss out on the good looks of wrinkle-free clothing.


Save Time and Be Prepared

Most of us have busy lives. Between work, kids, family commitments, and activities, who actually wants to spend their potential free time ironing? And there are so many other more important tasks to accomplish and interesting activities.

You don’t want to go out of the house looking disheveled and wrinkled though. And making a good impression is important. Buy the bundle of products from QVC to save time and money.

The bundle comes with three full-sized spray bottles in the unscented, fresh citrus, and lavender scents.

Also included are two travel-sized bottles in fresh citrus scent, 3 ounces, for those who are on the go. The travel-size are perfect for taking in a carry on bag and comply with airport regulation size for liquids.

When you’re on the go, packing a bag for a trip, rest easy that you can take your more wrinkly fabrics because you can also take the Wrinkle Release Spray in travel size. No need to buy special “wrinkle-free” clothing that can end up being more costly and may be less stylish than you would like.

You don’t need to compromise on what you wear or when. Simply use the Wrinkle Release Spray and go about your day.


Don’t miss out on this terrific offer. Take advantage of it now and you will be just in time for summer travel and light, breezy fabrics. To make the most of this bundle, you can get yours today from QVC.

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