Introducing Real Simple Summer Cleaning Collection to Your Home

Forget about spring cleaning. It’s summer again already! Now it’s time to get organized and keep your home looking and smelling fresh and clean throught the fun summer months.

Let in the warm summer breeze with windows open. Those who can should enjoy some fresh outdoor air.

Then it’s time to get to work on the inside.


For those who have pets or children, keeping on top of the house can be doubly difficult. Spills, stains, muddy paws, and more can take over an area of any room very suddenly so it is best to have a few cleaning products on hand that can help you keep on top of it. When these cleaning products are non-toxic and all-natural, that’s even better.

Only the basics are needed, including a hand soap, dish soap, countertop cleaner, furniture cleaner, and stain remover. With these five products, you’re ready to start a complete clean of the home.


All-Natural Soaps

It is important with all types of cleaning products to avoid harsh chemicals and additives that can cause allergies or sickness.

Becoming aware of the best all-natural products to use will help everyone in the household. For the bathroom or by any sink, the Real Simple Clean Rosemary Mint Hand Soap has great appeal.

No parabens, dyes, or toxic ingredients are used in the Real Simple Clean line of products. The all-natural ingredients of the Real Simple Clean hand soap include a moisturizing element of coconut essence and peppermint essential oil.

This hand soap has a light scent combining rosemary and mint in a perfect blend of soothing and invigorating. Soaps that use chemicals can dry out the skin.


Another excellent soap, great for use in the kitchen, is the Real Simple Clean Italian Lemon Oil Dish Soap. With Italian lemon essential oil as the base for this product, it contains a fresh, natural, and clean scent as well as the important characteristic of aiding in grease removal.

Cleaning dishes, countertops, or clothing stains can all be accomplished with this pleasant-smelling and effective soap.


Maintaining Household Investments

Granite has become synonymous with the best in kitchen countertops. They are a big investment and upgrade to any kitchen, and must be taken care to maintain a good condition.

While you can use products like a window cleaner or chemical-based cleaner on granite, gradually the shine and gloss will fade, and can damage the look of the granite.

By using an all-natural product such as the Real Simple Clean Granite Countertop Rejuvenator, you can reverse some of the damage from using toxic products and improve the look and feel of the granite.

The Granite Countertop Rejuvenator can be used on granite, marble, or natural stone countertops. It contains a fresh citrus scent that will invigorate and liven the mood in any kitchen.


Another investment in the home is a nice, comfy leather couch. The best way to keep the couch in good condition is to regularly rub an emollient on the surface to keep it smooth and moisturized. Otherwise, the leather can become brittle and crack. Especially if you have children or animals in the house, a safe, chemical-free solution should be used on any surface that has regular contact with the skin.

The Real Simple Clean Leather Furniture Cleaner & Conditioner keeps your couch or any leather product looking as good as new. The solution is unscented so it will not bother anyone with a sensitive allergy to odors.

Stains happen. They are a part of life. Often, there is no warning before a spill or accident occurs. You can be more prepared, however, with a chemical-free formula to reverse the stain and make your carpet or shirt or couch as good as new.


The Real Simple Clean Stain and Odor Remover was made just for busy families who are on the go. Quickly treat a stain with the spray bottle and there is no worry of an unpleasant odor lingering. The solution contains the fresh scent combination of rosemary, lemon, and ginger.

The phrase “Be Prepared” will become your motto if you have these few items ready and waiting for that next spill or for washing the dishes. With just a few cleaning products that are all-natural and chemical-free, you won’t have to worry about any toxic scents or residue on your furniture, floors, or countertops.


Natural, clean, and organized, make the perfect start to a bright and breezy summer season.

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