Real Simple Glass and Surface Cleaner Offers Fresh Scent of Eucalyptus

eucalyptus antibacterial natural cleaning products
The tangy freshness of Eucalyptus oil just smells like clean ought to. A wonderful fragrance for every room in the house. The Eucalyptus tree is originally from Australia and it’s now grown and admired all over the world. Studies have shown that the oil extracted from the Eucalyptus has antibacterial properties. 

Eucalyptus Glass and Surface Cleaner Does Double Duty

One of the things we talk about a lot at Real Simple is how to streamline our cleaning routines. There are so many more important things to do in the day than clean, and we, like you, understand that while we want the cleanest house possible, we also want to spend the shortest time making it that way. Two-in-one products are just that boost for your cleaning regimen. Our Glass and Surface Cleaner will clean all the surfaces throughout your home, allowing you to get everything done without the inconvenience of having to go back to the cabinet to switch out cleaners.

Unleash the Wild Fragrance of the Eucalyptus

It is just frustrating to finally be done with cleaning the house or finish up the spring cleaning and have your home look sparkling clean but not smell fresh. Instead, it smells like chemical-laced cleaners. Who wants that? With our Glass and Surface Cleaner you can finish up your chores and breathe in the sweet scent of victory (when victory smells oh so clean.) Our formula is just as powerful as conventional cleaners, but we’ve gone the smart route and removed all the nasty chemicals like formaldehyde. Why would anyone want to spray formaldehyde all over their home?

Our Cleaners Don’t Just Smell Like Plants; We Make Them with Plants

We understand that not only is the health of your family important to you but also the health of the environment and we are on the same page. All of our products are natural, plant-rich and safe for both your family and the world around you. We pledge “no cruelty” when it comes to testing our products and leave out the ingredients you don’t want like dyes, chlorine, and synthetic fragrances. We are confident using this product around our families and we know that you will be confident using it around yours. It’s real simple clean, and we think it smells just wonderful.