Bergamot: The Perfect Scent for Your Kitchen

bergamot natural cleaning products
You may know the scent of Bergamot from the fragrant Earl Grey tea, but did you know it comes from a lesser known variety of the everyday citrus fruit, the orange? Bergamot oranges are highly perfumed, and while they’re about the size of an ordinary orange, the appearance is closer to that of a lemon on the inside. The aroma of Bergamot is light and airy and can instantly brighten up any home. It is especially delightful in the kitchen.

Bergamot Essential Oil Has Many Uses

There are countless uses for the Bergamot fruit. It has been known to reduce anxiety and bring a sense of calm and well-being to anyone who inhales its light, citrusy scent. The citrus oils help to purify the skin which means it’s doing double duty in our Bergamot Hand Soap and Dish Soap.

The fragrance is considered to be energizing; so when you wash your hands with it the delicious aroma will stay with you through the day. It even boasts antiseptic and antibiotic properties so when you use our Bergamot Hand Soap, you can be sure that, like all of our other hand soaps, you are getting a deep, refreshing clean.

Bergamot Dish Soap Brings Your Kitchen to Life

One of the best things about kitchens is how they seem almost to have a life of their own. Kitchens are where we gather to break bread and share the day’s events and it is always the space in the house that smells good. No matter what crusted-on or greasy dishes you are tackling, our Bergamot Dish Soap fills the kitchen with the light, crisp scent of the Bergamot orange. Our dish soap is a specially-formulated, powerful acting, plant-based soap that protects your dishes, your hands, and the environment all at once.

Lose the Chemical Smell with Soothing Bergamot Hand Soap

No one likes the unpleasant chemical fragrances that often come along with conventional hand soaps; and who would want their hands to smell that way? At Real Simple Clean, we take a soothing, plant-based moisturizing formula, devoid of nasty chemicals, and give you not just a hand soap but a hand washing experience. All of our products are guaranteed to be cruelty-free, chock full of natural ingredients, and friendly to the environment. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.