Balancing Your Pet, Your Kids, and Your Home

Life can sometimes feel like a bit of a juggling act. Balancing the needs of your kids, work, pets, and household chores is not easy!

As well as going to work and taking care of your family and pets, there’s one other item on the agenda. The cleaning of your home!

This can feel like an endless and unachievable mission. However, Real Simple is here to help you get the seemingly never-ending work done at maximum speed.

Organizing a Busy Family Household

Once you have kids, a clean house can seem like a distant memory. Between endless school runs, sports team try-outs, and bake sales that you promised to supply a vast range of home baked goods for – not to mention your actual job – it is mentally and physically exhausting just thinking about it.

It is possible to keep an orderly home, but it takes a lot of thought about how you can be best organized. Once a structure is in place, it makes knowing where to start much easier, not least because it stops decision fatigue shutting down your brain.

How can I be organized when I have so much to do?

Plan: When you have pets and kids to take care of, planning is a must.

Timetable: Keep track of who needs to be where and when, and what they need. This is no easy task so keep a crystal clear family calendar in a prominent place.

Keep everything in its place: This may be a rather dull/obvious tip, but life really is so much easier when there is a place everything and you can easily find what you need. True, this is easier said than done when you have kids and/or pets!

Declutter: Don’t be a hoarder. Kids outgrow their clothes, toys, and belongings. Unless you are keeping these for younger children, get rid of them. There is always someone in need who will be able to make use of them. Do a good deed at the same time as decluttering your home.

If you don’t know anyone who could make use of these items, your local church or charity store will gladly take the donations or point you in the right direction.

A good clear-out is good for the soul.

Share chores: The whole family lives in the home so the whole family should share the chores. Even the smallest of children can help with a few light responsibilities, such as clearing away dishes, helping sort laundry, and dusting.

You may be surprised at how much they enjoy helping, especially if you add music and silliness to the task. Our organic range of cleaning products mean that they are safe for your kids to use, so no worries there.

How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have Pets and Kids

Once you have children and pets, the one thing you no longer have is the luxury of time. Spending a ‘leisurely’ few hours cleaning your home – if cleaning your home can ever be described as leisurely –  is a distant memory. And the time in which your home remains clean has dropped significantly from a good few days to mere minutes.

When cleaning your home, you need products that are really effective to minimize the time you spend scrubbing. The Real Simple Stain and Odor Treatment is perfect for busy homes and a great example of a multi-tasking product.

‘Accidents,’ spillages, and dirt being trampled through your once lovely home are now a fact of life! The Real Simple Stain and Odor Treatment tackles dirt and odor in one go – an essential product for any home with children or pets. No one will know this stain existed! It is worth noting that all Real Simple products are organic and natural, so are 100% safe to use around your children and animals.

Are Cleaning Products Dangerous for Children and Pets?

Yes, they are! Spraying chemicals liberally around your home is not good for your children, your pets, or anyone at all. That is why Real Simple was developed – to provide you with safe, natural, organic products that clean your home efficiently, as well as being safe. Even the fragrances in Real Clean are 100% natural!

Pull Together

The only way to keep a clean, today and organized home is if you are all in it together. It won’t happen by magic, but a little work by each of you goes a long way. If everyone can do their little bit, you will be well on your way to the clean super-organized home of your dreams.


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