Celebrate National No Dirty Dishes Day on May 18th!

Now, this is the type of holiday that anyone can be on board with. No one enjoys doing the dishes, and when you get a night off from the chore, it is a welcome relief. This May 18th, celebrate National No Dirty Dishes Day with one of these great ideas perfect for almost any budget.


1. Order pizza!

Pizza night is a hit in most households and cleanup is a breeze, you only need to toss a box away! You can ask the pizza place to bring paper cups and plates, or you can pick a slice right out of the box and chow down. Either way, the food is delicious and there are no dishes to wash!

Want dessert? Stop by the grocery store and pick up some grapes and some brownies from the bakery. Super easy and you can eat it all with your hands.


2. Go on a picnic!

Picnics are great because everything you bring with you is disposable, which means there are no dishes to wash when you get home. All you are left with after a picnic is good memories. You can pack sandwiches in your picnic of course, and your guests can eat them with their hands, no dishes needed.

You can even pick up ready-made things such as fruit salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, or baked beans from the deli, so there is no prep work involving dishes before you leave either. Pack plastic plates and bring one bag for trash and one bag for recycling.


3. Foil is your friend

Foil is one of those miracle items that can be used for a myriad of different things. It is a real help when you are cooking though, especially when you’re lining baking pans, roasters, and cookie sheets. When you are done cooking, all you need to do is toss the foil and rinse the pan. How much easier can it get than that? No more crusted-on sauce from lasagna, or cooked-on grease from sausages.

You can wrap foil around chicken, seafood, or vegetables to stop them from browning, and it’s also great for grilling. Make a foil pocket that can cook on your grill, and you’ve got a dish-free, one-pot meal! So easy! Foil is a huge timesaver.


4. Head to your mom’s for dinner

Is your mom always asking you to come over for dinner? Head over to Mom’s on National No Dirty Dishes Day and celebrate the holiday with the family. Just be sure to bring some disposable plates because Mom wants to celebrate too! You may even enjoy family dinner so much that you make it a habit. Win-Win!


5. Let someone else do the dishes! 

This holiday is meant to be celebrated by those individuals who are doing the dishes day in and day out. Do your spouse or children regularly get out of dish duty? Then claim National No Dirty Dishes Day as your own! Let them know that on May 18th you are celebrating your holiday and that dish duty falls to everybody else. You may discover that you like this new set-up and they may find themselves doing the dishes more often.


6. Go out to eat!

This is the ultimate way to celebrate National No Dirty Dishes Day. Head on out to your favorite restaurant and sit down and enjoy a scrumptious meal. When you go out to eat there is no prep work, no cooking, no clean-up, and no dishes. No matter if you visit a fast food joint or a five-star restaurant, the facts remain the same. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy a great meal.


These are great ways to celebrate National No Dishes Day on May 18th every year, but having a “no dirty dishes” day is possible any time you feel like it. They say, whoever they may be, that it takes 21 days to make a habit. So, starting on May 18th, vow to have your kitchen sink empty and buffed to a shine before you go to bed.

When you wake up and see that empty sink instead of last night’s pile of dirty dishes, you will surely be motivated to keep up your new habit. In your household, and households across America, National No Dirty Dishes Day may start a revolution! But, if not, at least you got out of dishes one night. You gotta take what you can get, right?

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