Make Your Dog Happy!

Celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th!

Do you have a furry friend, a precious pooch, a caring canine, a loving lapdog, a marvelous mutt, or a handsome hound? If you own a dog or – often more accurately – if one owns you, this August 26this all about your companion. National Dog Day is a day to treat your dog and make your pup as happy as can be!


So, just how can you make your dog happy?

1. Get On Out There and Move! – Your dog needs to run. Of course, some dogs are lazy, but they too need to walk from time to time. Walk your dog anywhere dogs are permitted! Take her to the park or let him run loose at the local dog park. Do some of your errands on foot and take your pup with you. It will be a good exercise for both of you!

Even if you think a journey is short or not much fun for your dog, there will often appreciate it more than having to stay indoors.

2. Stop and Sniff the Flowers!- Or the rock, or the grass, or the stump. Your dog loves to sniff.

When you are in a hurry, it is tempting to simply pull Fido along and get where you need to go. |When you can, take the time to let your dog sniff. It is good for her as it helps her to learn about the area she is in and you know what they say: knowledge is power.

Empower your dog on National Dog Day.

3. Spring on Water! – Most dogs drink tap water. This year on National Dog Day, mix it up a little and treat your canine to some refreshing spring water.

And make a vow to be consistent on refilling his water bowl so he always has a nice, clean bowl of water when he’s thirsty.

4. Pamper Your Pup!- On National Dog Day, take the time to pamper your precious pooch. You can do this at home or take her to the groomer. Make sure she gets a nice soapy bubble bath and a rejuvenating rinse.

Also, check her ears. Dogs have many potential ear issues, and keeping her ears clean avoids many of these. Trim her nails. Yes, this is something to let a groomer do if you are even the least bit unsure. Dogs have sensitive paws and one wrong move while clipping nails can result in pain. When in doubt, have the vet or a groomer take care of that.

5. Take Care of the Necessities! – A healthy dog is a happy dog. Is your pup in need of any vaccinations? If so, call the vet and schedule an appointment for your dog. He will thank you.


Also, make sure your dog’s collar and tags still fit him well. Replace anything if needed. If your dog is not licensed, do it now to save a lot of trouble if he ever gets out.

6. Pick Up Some Toys! – Dogs love to play. They especially love to play with you and they really love toys.

On National Dog Day, pick up some of your pup’s favorite toys – such as ropes, balls, and squeaky toys – and have a playdate with her.

7. Give That Dog a Bone! – Dogs love bones. Some people choose not to get them because they can get gross laying around the house. But, it is National Dog Day so make an exception this time and bring home a bone. Make sure it is suitable for his mouth size, and let Rover gnaw to his heart’s content.


8. Send Your Dog to the Doghouse! – Does your pup have a home of her own? If not, it may be a fun project to do. You can get the kids involved! It is a great family project, and your dog will love her new home.

If you are looking for something simpler, pick up a new comfy dog bed for your best friend, or replace the one she’s got. Everyone deserves a comfy spot to lay their head at night.

9. Just Snuggle! – Dogs love to be affectionate. Take some time this National Dog Day (and every day!) to sit and pet your pup. It is a great way to bond and studies show it will lower your stress levels too. It’s a win-win all around.

So, grab up your furry friend and make the most of National Dog Day and soak up all those doggie kisses you are sure to receive!

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