How to Keep Your Clothes Clean and Wrinkle-Free

When you look presentable, it helps you feel good, and when you feel good, you act at your best, and that is how kindness spreads. So, is our wrinkle release treatment the key to kindness? Well, we won’t go that far, but we like to think that it helps.


To take a few wrinkles out of life, take the wrinkles out of your clothing by following these simple tips before washing.

1. Don’t fill your washer too full (this applies to your dryer as well). This allows your clothes more space to move around and reduce their ability to clump together, which causes wrinkles.

2. Fabric softener in your washer can help reduce wrinkles. Pick up a jug of your favorite fabric softener and start adding it to every wash load.

3. Use a softer wash cycle. Experts say this can help your clothes look their best.


After washing, but before drying, follow these simple tips.

1. Fluff your clothes and untangle them before you put them in the dryer. This can help wrinkles from forming in the tangles as the clothes dry.

It also helps your clothes to dry more evenly. If you’ve ever untangled a pair of jeans out of the dryer, you’ll know that they will be riddled with wet spots.

2. As above, do not overfill your dryer. A dryer needs empty space to toss the clothes around. This allows for an even dry as well as fewer wrinkles.


After drying, you can follow this simple tip.

Fold your clothes immediately. This might not seem feasible, but consider whether your clothes look better folded out of the dryer or folded out of the pile known as Mt. Laundry? If you agree that they look better folded out of the dryer or off the line, make the commitment to take the time here. It will pay in the long run when you’re wearing the clothes, looking and feeling confident.

Sometimes though, despite the best of intentions, clothes will get wrinkled. In that case, you will need our wrinkle release treatment. As it says, no ironing is required. Suddenly, removing wrinkles just got a lot easier!


Remember that Real Simple Clean products contain no caustics, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, phthalates, chlorine, formaldehyde, triclosan, or phosphates.

Our products are never tested on animals.

In fact, we are Leaping Bunny certified.


We promise that all of our products are safe to use in your household. We have families, too, and we would never create a product that was not safe for everyone, kids and pets included. You can feel confident knowing that if you are using a Real Simple Clean product, you are using an all-natural, plant-based product.

Our original wrinkle release treatment comes in two fabulous scents, Fresh Citrus Scent and Lavender Scent, as well as unscented. It is 16 oz. We also carry a 3 oz. travel-size version of this product as well because suitcases breed wrinkles faster than a bunny breeds babies. With this product, you can look your best at home and on the road.


When you are using your washing machine day in and day out, and if you have kids, too, you may feel as if the laundry is never-ending. This is even closer to the truth for your washing machine than it is for you.

It is important to take care of your washing machine. A dirty washing machine can make your clothes smell funky and no one wants to walk around smelling funky all day. Our washing machine cleaner is just what you need to keep your washer smelling its best and to help it perform as well as it can.

Simply spray your empty washer generously. Make sure to get everywhere. Then, let it soak for 30 minutes. When the time is up, wash as usual.

After each wash, spray the inside again. That will go a long way towards keeping your washing machine in good shape and keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean.

This 24 oz. washing machine cleaner is perfect for front and top loading washers and comes in our Fresh Citrus Scent and as an unscented version.


Take these tips and step out of your house (or stay home and fold laundry) while looking and feeling you’re very best. Remember, looking and feeling good leads to a little more happiness for everyone. Spread kindness wherever you go with a little help from Real Simple Clean.

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