Look After your Friends and Family with Green Products

For years, companies have been marketing products as “green” and we all know that means safe for the environment but here at Real Simple, we understand the environment is not your only concern. That is why our line of cleaning products, for your health, your hands and your home, is not only safe for the environment but safe for the people you love.

There are some really scary chemicals in a lot of cleaning products on your local store’s shelf today. That is not good for anyone. Especially not your children.

We made it our mission to find a formula that is plant-based, chemical-free, and safe to use around your loved ones.

We never include:

  • Caustics – Caustic chemical products can literally cause burns. Burns! We want products that help, not harm. It can also affect breathing when inhaled and how exactly do you not inhale a cleaning product that you spray? This is why we removed caustics and you will never find them in our products.
  • Phthalates – These creepy chemicals have been found to interfere with hormones and can lower your fatty acid DHA and your zinc levels if ingested. If you use products that contain them, you will ingest them. Bottom line, they can damage your insides.
  • Formaldehyde – Yes, that is used for, well you know. Why in the world would anyone even think to put that in a cleaner? If it is inhaled, then your loved ones could experience a sore throat, nosebleeds, scratchy eyes, or a cough.If that sounds bad, prepare yourself, because it gets worse. It is also known to cause cancer. We will all do anything to protect our family from cancer. Choosing the right cleaning products is one step.
  • Phosphate – Well, to start with, it’s radioactive. That is probably enough to convince you that it has no place in your cleaning products.
  • Triclosan – Possible carcinogen. Enough said.
  • Parabens – Ditto.

Here at Real Simple, we take every precaution we can to protect your family, because we know how far we would go to protect your own.

Here are some other ways to protect your loved ones, besides using plant-based, all-natural formulas like ours.

  1. Leave the Room – If you are going to clean the bathroom, make sure your kids are occupied in another room. Turn on the vent fan and/or open a window. Get fresh air circulating through the house and the room.
  2. Wear a Mask – the surest way not to inhale cleaning products is to wear a mask that will prevent any air borne travelers from entering your body.
  3. Leave the House – Killing bugs? Get everyone out of the house, open the windows, and go to the park for the day. Not only do you not want them inhaling anything they shouldn’t, but you do not want to risk them touching a baseboard and then putting their hands in their mouth either.
  4. If Using Potentially Harmful Chemicals, Avoid Sprays – When cleaning, use something like a Magic Eraser. Since you do not have to spray then there is a much smaller chance of the chemical getting ingested by anyone.
  5. Wear Gloves – It is impossible to scrub something or spray cleaner and not get it on your hands. Try as we might to avoid spreading the chemicals around, we tend to touch our faces a lot without realizing it. Wear gloves. Wash or toss them after use.
  6. Wash Your Hands – Do not forget to wash your hands after cleaning, no matter how small the job is. Cleaning your hands will ensure that you do not get something like window cleaner into the next peanut butter and jelly sandwich you make.

Check out our line of cleaning products that are always safe for your loved ones.

We have:

We also carry a line of delicious-smelling dish soaps that are safe for your dishes and your hands.

We offer you dish soap with the following scents:

You can also pick up some of our hand soaps in those same fantastic, fresh scents.

Keeping our loved ones safe is one of the greatest challenges we face each day. We worry, we fret, but all you can do is your best. With are proud to help keep your loved ones safe with our natural products.

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