Unsure of What to Get Dad This Father’s Day? No Worries! We’ve Got You Covered!

This year, Father’s Day falls on June 17th. The holiday is always celebrated on the 3rdSunday in June.

When you hear Father’s Day, people automatically start talking about BBQ equipment and ties, and your dad may be a true aficionado of BBQ and neckwear, but if he’s not, or he has enough, why not try one of these other fun ideas guaranteed to put a smile on his face.


Put in the Time

The first thing that you need to do in recognition of Father’s Day is to spend time with your dad! Most dads may not be as outwardly affectionate as most moms but they are still thrilled to spend the day with their kids.

If your dad is in town, invite him over for lunch and enjoy the time together as he chats with you and plays with the grandkids.

If he is out of town, it may be hard to be together in person, so call him. If you can, Skype or FaceTime your dad. The more quality time you can get in with him, the better.

When you’re married, you start thinking about this holiday for your dad and your husband. Remember, you can always celebrate with your dad one day that weekend and your husband the next, so everyone gets to spend their special day doing what they love.


As far as gifts, it is easy to fall back on a few oldies but goodie gifts for men. Things like wallets, ties, golf balls, slippers, and BBQ sauce are so well-known as Father’s Day gifts that they have lost their touch. This year, think outside the box for Dad and see if you can come up with a gift that is truly memorable.


Gift Experiences

Is there a place your father has been talking about wanting to visit for a long time? If so, help make that happen. Depending on where his place is, you may need to get your siblings in on this gift idea.

These are the kinds of gifts that many people – but, for some reason, dads in particular – tend not to buy for themselves. So, give your dad the gift of an amazing experience.

Gift experiences can be as simple as taking a bird-loving dad to a bird sanctuary or taking a plant-loving dad to a botanical garden. Make sure the day, from start to finish, is all about dad’s favorites.


Monthly Club

Is there something that your dad really enjoys? Does he like beer, wine, or beef jerky? All three of those items can be found in a monthly club (where your gift lasts all year) or as a do-it-yourself kit (a gift and an experience in one!).

You can even find things like a knife-making kit or supplies to construct and design your own fishing lures. Sure, these ideas may fall in the “Gifts for Dads” category but this way there is much more to them then simply purchasing a beef jerky sampler or some new fishing equipment.


Service Gifts

Is your dad getting older? Is he stubborn? If so, service is always welcome – if it is disguised as a gift.

Most dads don’t want to ask for help and will refuse offers, but they will accept a gift from their kids. So, disguise your help as a gift. Bring over groceries for your dad under the guise of cooking him a holiday meal. Then cook him a few other dishes and stick them in the freezer. Or buy him a tree for his yard, and clean up the yard while you are outside planting it.

Even if dad says: “I could have done it myself,” he might be pleased that it is done AND that he didn’t have to ask for help.


Personalized Gifts

Let your dad show the world how much he is loved by ordering him a personalized item that says “World’s Best Dad” or “World’s Best Grandpa.”

You can get hats, tees, and more at multiple websites and he is sure to wear any item with pride and probably brag about it to his friends.

On the same token, dads love pictures just as much as moms. So, frame a few great shots of you and your dad, or your dad and your kids. Perhaps use a frame with a “world’s best” inscription that he can display with pride.


When it is time to head out to your Father’s Day Celebrations, he will appreciate any extra effort you go to. Make sure everyone looks their best with our wrinkle release.You can even get a triple pack of travel size wrinkle release. When dad asks how you get those shirts so crisp, hand him a bottle and say “Happy Father’s Day, Dad!”

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