How Friends Become Family

Throwing a party is excellent fun. It’s a great way to relax and enjoy yourselves with family and friends. However, as much of a thrill as they are, they’re pretty large occasions and often can leave a pretty huge amount of clean-up. Therefore, what are you able to do to minimize that clean up after the party?

First, you can get some friends on board to help do the dishes and clean up after the party. A good friend will always muck in and help you, and are not only there for the fun times.

Clean Before the Party

The simplest method of reigning in the aftermath of your party includes making sure your home is caught up and clean prior to you even letting your visitors through your door. If dishes are blocking the sink or the dishwasher, it’s not a good start. Same for the garbage – start with a fresh bag. Those two simple things will make a massive difference.

If your home is clean and tidy, your visitors will be much more careful to avoid making a mess. You’ll subtly be encouraging guests to treat your space with respect, and they are more likely to offer to clean up with you because, with the surfaces clear, they’ll have places to put things, even if they don’t know your kitchen.

Anticipate Mess

Attempt to guess what types of messes are more than likely to sprout up during the party and get ready for them. For example, if you have knowledge that some visitors smoke, prepare an appropriate space for them to light up and leave an abundance of ashtrays in the obvious places.
If there are going to be alcoholic beverages, be ready for spills. If you have knowledge that a visitor often forgets to wipe their fingers after consuming messy barbecue ribs, perhaps serve something that is easy to eat.

The ideal method of avoiding a mess includes knowing where and when it is likely to happen, and take steps to prevent or mitigate it.

Use Disposables

Unless you are going for something formal and fancy requiring fine china, do not use good cutlery and plates. Disposable cups and plates can be tossed out after the party, which will massively reduce the after-party cleaning.

They also are cheap and may be purchased in bulk for under $10 from a dollar store. Avoid using plastic, though, because of the environmental cost.
No one will care if a paper plate gets ripped, but you would care if it were your precious ceramic plates trodden into the carpet and smashed.

Be Minimal with the Decorations

Do not use messy decorations like streamers, glitter, and balloons, if possible. While they’ll make your home appear festive, they aren’t essential to a fantastic party and are probably just going to result in more mess. If you have to have decorations, keep them to a minimum.

Make use of decorations that are reusable and can be cleaned afterward. You can get away with a couple of banners, and perhaps a cluster of balloons near your snacks table.

One excellent tip is to use decorations that people are going to want to take home. For instance, you may decorate a kid’s party with candy then encourage your guests to take it home at the end of the day.

(Subtly) Encourage Visitors to Clean After Themselves

It may be a mood spoiler if you have the party host consistently shouting: “Use a coaster! Use a coaster!”

No-one enjoys being told what to do when they are trying to have fun. Therefore, how might you encourage visitors to clean after themselves to decrease the quantity of clean-up you will need to do?

Generally, individuals are responsible and conscientious. If you leave them items they may use to keep things neat, they’ll use them as needed.

Something as simplistic as leaving a garbage can next to your buffet table encourages your visitors to use it. Similarly, leave napkins by all sauce-covered foods, or ashtrays next to smoking spaces.
People love to help. It makes them feel closer and draws them into the family circle. If you can save some special delicacy or chocolate, or really good coffee to offer those who stayed to help, and get quality time with them before they leave, they’ll feel like part of the family. And they’ll be much more likely to help out next time.

Making people feel special will fill your home with joy. With our products, it is real simple to keep your home sparkling clean and smelling fresh!


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