How to Deal with Chocolate Stains

Picture this. It is Christmas morning. You are half asleep on the couch. Your little ones had a wonderful morning and Santa brought them all of their favorite toys. Their stockings were filled with chocolate. Everyone is content. You finally rouse yourself from the couch only to discover something warm and soft has melded to your leg. Yep, you guessed it. A little chocolate Santa just died a horrible death while you were taking a nap.

A groan escapes your lips as something dawns on you. Yep, you guessed it again. Chocolate is ground into your couch. Slowly, as if in a horror movie you began to survey the once tranquil setting. There is chocolate on the carpet. And the walls. Hope seems lost.

But, do not fear! You can get rid of a chocolate stain! It is almost a Christmas miracle! So, how exactly do you accomplish this feat?

It depends on where the stain is and what fabric it attached itself to. There are a few hard and fast rules to follow, however, when you are attacking a chocolate stain.

1. Move quickly! You have a much better chance of eliminating the interloper if you get to it before the stain sets in.

2. When it is time to attack the stain, it is smart to place a washcloth or paper towel underneath the stain you are blotting, if possible, this will keep the chocolate stain from getting anywhere else.

3. Cold water is the key. Cold water will help break up the stain while warm water will cause it to set in firmly.

4. Be careful which fabrics you get wet. Some fabrics, the ones you would dry clean, may not be able to get wet, so if it is something such as wool or silk, head to the dry cleaner to be safe.

5. ALWAYS read your fabric labels before you spot clean a stain.

For washable fabrics, there is a specific process that is best to follow.

  • First, check the label. If you know it is an item that you toss in with the rest of the laundry all the time, then you can go ahead with that when the time is right. If not, make sure that you can wash in cold water and with detergent.
  • Try to get any excess off. This could mean peeling, scraping, or blotting. Just be careful not to push the chocolate in deeper. A light touch is necessary.
  • Rinse in cold water. If it is a large item, like a couch, you will need to blot or spray cold water on the item. Otherwise, simply place the item under the kitchen sink and let the water permeate the fabric.
  • While the fabric is wet, rub your detergent into the stain. Just a little laundry detergent will go a long way for this part. If you have a stain remover in your laundry room, rub that on first, then rinse and repeat with your laundry detergent.
  • Keep the item soaking for about 20 minutes and be sure to go over to it several times and try to gently work the stain out.
  • Launder as usual and Voila! The offending stain should be vanquished!

If the chocolate you are trying to remove is dark chocolate then adding a teaspoon of vinegar to the detergent before soaking and scrubbing may be just the thing to remove that stain completely.

A dark chocolate stain? Admit it, it wasn’t the kids.

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Now, who is up for some chocolate reindeer?

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