Cleaning After Cake

Baking a cake is so much fun. You put all the ingredients together, you pour it into the cake pans, you watch it bubble and rise, and then, the best part, you get to decorate it. It is simply delightful, delicious, and why wouldn’t you want to share it with your children? Oh, that’s right: they will destroy your kitchen. Hands up who wants to have their kitchen destroyed???

There is a way to get around this. Follow some simple tips and tricks and you can make a three-tiered masterpiece with a two-year-old if your heart desires!

First, prep ahead of time.

Do you ever watch cooking shows? Doesn’t it seem so much easier for them than you? Besides their natural talent, their secret weapon is that everything is prepped ahead of time. The veggies are peeled and chopped. The meat is thawed. The seasonings are already measured in those cute little bowls you want. Cooking or baking with children is much easier when you’ve prepared in advance.

What would be worse? A two-year-old accidentally dumping a cup of flour on the floor or a two-year-old accidentally dumping an entire bag of flour on the floor? That’s right. This is part of what makes preparation such a great idea.

When you are ready to bake a cake, measure everything out before your kid starts the process. That way, they can dump in anything, and you do not have to worry (so much) about spills.

When the cakes have been baked and cooled, the decorating fun ensues. Again, have everything ready ahead of time. Put a little icing in the bowl at a time. They can spread this on the cake. This way, they don’t feel a need to rush and can do their best. And you do not have to worry about the rest of the icing getting dropped or filled with crumbs.

Prepping is super-important with sprinkles. If you have ever had an entire container of sprinkles drop and scatter, then you know that sprinkles are a beast to clean up. The solution is to have a small bowl of sprinkles at the ready. Not enough sprinkles? You can always refill it! This will save your sanity and your floor, and it will allow the fun to keep going.

Protect Your Surfaces

Another way to keep the house clean is to put down something before you start to catch all of the crumbs, spills, and sprinkles. Throwaway tablecloths can be purchased at any dollar store. They are a cheap, easy way to put a barrier between your house and baking mayhem.

You can put a tablecloth on the floor and another on the table, depending on your child’s age. When the cake has been perfected, if you are careful, you can scoop up the tablecloth, mess and all, and toss the whole thing in the garbage. Voila! Kitchen has been cleaned.

Do you worry about baking with your kids because they are sure to put their hands all over the table and counters and then into their mouths? Well, you do not have to be stressed when you are using our Real Simple line of cleaning products. All of our products are completely natural, plant-based, and free from harmful chemicals. They also work great!

With these tips and Real Simple Clean, your kitchen will start sparkling clean and it can remain that way too, even after baking.

Do you wonder about what sorts of cakes you can make? Since we have no fear of spills and sprinkles, how about a delicious caramel cake or a white cake with a creamy, warm caramel icing. Delish!

Have a cake decorating contest with the kids and a couple of their friends or cousins. If it is warm outside, get out there. More space and less worry are always a good thing. Pre-bake several tiny cakes and set out a ton of different items to decorate with.

Set out sprinkles, sugar sprinkles, crushed candy, crushed peanuts, gummy bears, and more. No matter what you use, the kids will have a blast. That is most important.

Don’t be afraid to embrace cake decorating! Don’t let your fear of spilling some flour ruin a kid’s childhood. With our line of Real Simple cleaning products, clean-up is a breeze.

Your kids will never forget the fun that you all had together and how they were given the freedom to let their creativity fly.

And the best part? When you are all done, you get to eat the cake! Start a new family tradition and get baking and decorating!

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