Clean and Uncluttered Counters For A Clear Mind

The kitchen is the hub of the house. When it is in disarray, the whole household feels in disarray. The more countertop space you have, the more the clutter can pile on. There is a solution though. You can get your kitchen countertops clear again. The feeling of calm you will have when you see those clean countertops is worth keeping up on it.

When you are done decluttering and it is time to clean those countertops, use Real Simple’s Granite Rejuvenator.

Don’t have granite countertops? Real Simple’s Glass and Surface Cleaner will get those countertops shining again.

My Counters Are Covered in Paperwork! Help!

The first thing that tends to pile up on countertops is paper. Papers from work, papers from school, newspapers, and mail all end up on the counter somehow and leave the kitchen disorganized and unable to function as intended.

The first thing you need to do is go through the paperwork that is already there.

There is a simple three-step approach for paperwork. You can file it, do something with it, or toss it.

You’ll notice that there is not an option of letting it sit doing nothing.

Junk mail? Toss it.

Last year’s tax returns? File them.

Your daughter’s field trip permission slip? Sign it and put it in her bag.

If you have newspapers recycle them. You don’t need to read them because you will get one tomorrow. You will. Throw them in the recycle bin.

Do this a little bit at a time until the countertops are empty of paperwork. Then, the minute a new piece of paper comes in the house, either toss it, file it, or do something with it.

You can even pick up a small accordion file for what you need to file and keep it in a kitchen cabinet. Need a place for papers you have to take with you tomorrow? Mount a file folder in the kitchen where you hang your keys.

The Paper is Gone but I Still See Clutter

How many appliances do you have out? Toaster? Coffee Maker? Food processor? Mixer? Now ask yourself why they are there. The only items that benefit from being out all the time are the ones that you use every day, such as a coffee maker and a toaster. Leave them out and put the rest away.

On the other hand, if you bake every day but only have coffee with guests, leave out your mixer and stick the rest in a cabinet.

Knick-knacks really do not belong in a kitchen so try to find new homes for them. After you have put the appliances and knick-knacks away, is there anything left? If so, chances are that these items do not belong in the kitchen. Put them where they belong and – this is very important – remind your family that the kitchen is no longer a dumping ground!

Shoes, bags, and coats should be put away after school. Sports equipment can head on out to the garage.

Now that the clutter is gone, it is time to clean.

Get Your Countertops Sparkling with Real Simple’s Granite Countertop Rejuvenator

Our product will remove all the sticky residue, smeared grease and fingerprints from your countertops with ease. After you clean the countertops, take a moment to enjoy how beautiful they look clean and uncluttered.

If you do not have granite countertops, you can use Real Simple’s Glass and Surface Cleaner to get the same impressive results. If you have a flat cooktop, you can pick up Real Simple’s Cooktop Cleaner for a great price.

Your cooktop is now smooth and shiny like when you moved into your home but don’t stop there! Use Real Simple’s Stainless Steel Cleaner to get those appliances looking brand-new. Remove all of those smudges and fingerprints that seem to appear en masse.

You are almost done. Your kitchen is almost perfect. If you have wood floors, add a finishing touch with Real Simple’s Wood Floor Cleaner. Wooden cutting board? We have got you covered with Real Simple’s Cutting Board Oil.

Last but not least, we recommend that you make sure your sink is empty and your dishes are done before celebrating by sitting down. Your kitchen is not truly uncluttered unless that sink is empty. Throw a load in the dishwasher. If you have to wash the dishes by hand, pick up one of Real Simple’s wonderfully scented dish soaps.

Why Real Simple?

  • Our products are always made with all natural ingredients.
  • Our plant-rich formulas are as effective as store brands, but they are also eco-friendly.
  • We don’t add the nasty chemicals that you should avoid exposing your family to.
  • Our scented products are scented naturally.

We only offer you products that we would use around our own families. That philosophy is real simple.

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