Clean Surfaces for a Happy Home

Home is where the heart is, or so they say, and a happy home makes for a happy family. One way that you can help to foster the spirit of peace and happiness in your home is to keep your field of vision clear. What this means is that when you look into your kitchen, for example, there should be very little in your line of vision, except for furniture.

Having clear surfaces is like cleansing your emotional palette or opening up a fresh notebook page for your psyche. Clean, simple, and clear spaces are good for the mind. And they are easy to maintain once you get there.


Clearing the Kitchen

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is best to start there.

First things first, make a habit of doing the dishes and clearing off the table and counters the moment dinner is over. This way, when you wake up in the morning and head into the kitchen to enjoy breakfast, you automatically get an added sweetener. Peace and calm.

Start teaching or start reminding the rest of the family (and maybe yourself – we don’t judge) to take care of the little things before they become big things. This means, put away the ketchup after you make a sandwich, rinse off your plate before you set it in the sink, and don’t ignore the fact that the garbage needs to be taken out. Take it out.

Wipe off the counters after you make toast with our glass and surface cleaner. Got granite countertops? Try our granite countertop rejuvenator.

Wipe the fingerprints you notice on the fridge with our stainless steel cleaner. Drop these little two-minute chores into your day, because it’s better than doing 20 two-minute chores at once.


Freedom in the Family Room

The family room is another place that can use some clean surfaces. It is easy to let things pile up, but how can you enjoy family game night when you are looking at a stack of old newspapers, soccer equipment in the corner, and everyone’s backpacks piled up by the front door?

All you want to look at is your cozy family room and your favorite people. So, just like in the kitchen, new habits need to be put into effect. That means bookbags go upstairs after homework and sports equipment heads right out to the garage.

Garbage gets taken out. Personal belongings go to bedrooms. Encourage everyone to clean up after themselves and lead by example.

Something that makes a dramatic difference to the entire family room is to make sure the floor is clutter free and inviting to sit on. If you have wood floors, try our wood floor cleaner to ensure that it is looking its best. You may need our stain and odor treatment in the family room as well. It is the perfect tool to take care of any little spills or mishaps when they happen.


A Bubble of Calm in the Bathroom

The bathroom is another key room to keep the surfaces clean and tidy. Have you ever sank into a hot bubble bath, relaxed in utter bliss, and then noticed the curling iron your daughter left out on the sink next to the huge glob of toothpaste.
Suddenly, you are not floating on a warm cloud of happiness but enduring a chain reaction of thinking of all the stuff you need to do.

When you are soaking in a tub, all you should see is your beautiful bathroom. When you get ready for work in the morning, you deserve some peace and calm! Time to put those habits to good use again.

There is just one pretty simple rule when it comes to the bathroom. Pick up after yourself when you are done. That’s it. Real simple, right?

When it comes time to do the weekly cleaning, go for it and add sparkle with our glass and surface cleaner.


A Child’s Room to Chill Out

Next, a clean bedroom for your child is a must. Kids and teens can get easily overwhelmed by a messy room. It can have a negative effect on their mood and their grades. Making sure they have a calm and peaceful place to play, do their homework, and lay down to rest at night is simply a must.

If they do not currently have a calm and peaceful room, you are sure to notice a difference once they do.



Once you have a calm environment, remember to enjoy it. It takes work to keep it up, but we hope to make that work easier with our high-performing, natural cleaning products.

Use our natural cleaners to stay on top of your environment. Living in a clean, nurturing environment should be a way of life, not a chore, and we aim to help redress the balance, simply and naturally.

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