Kids: Love ‘em to Pieces. Still Have to Clean Up After Them

When you have kids in school, a lot of things change as the summer months begin. Some of these things are good: no more bus schedule or after-school practice, no more homework or permission slips, and no more running around like a chicken with your head cut off every Monday morning.

Did you notice though that a few things change, dare we say, for the worse when your kids are home all day every day? Read More

Spread Some Sunshine with a Summer Care Package From Grove

Have you heard of Grove? Grove Collaborative is all about encouraging people to use all-natural products, both home, and beauty products. They want you to benefit from living a healthy lifestyle. When you shop with them, they promise that every product is “healthy, effective, eco-friendly, and affordable.”

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Put Down That Phone and Spend Some Time Together!

Do you have a best friend? How long has it been since you’ve seen him or her? Days, months, years? However long it has been, this National Best Friend’s Day is the perfect chance to connect or reconnect with your BFF!

It seems to get harder for some folks to stay in touch with their friends, even their best friend, as they get older. Families, jobs, and more start to take up time that the two of you once spent together.

That is understandable, but a really good friend, a best friend, is hard to come by. So, this National Best Friend’s Day, call up your favorite person and make plans to spend time together.

No texting allowed!

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Got a Sweet Tooth? National Donut Day is for You!

If you love a doughnut, National Donut Day (the first Friday in June each year), is the perfect holiday for you. Donuts are so versatile they can be enjoyed for many occasions besides breakfast. They are a fun afternoon pick-me-up and a tasty after-school treat.

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