The Psychology of Cleanliness and Mental Health

Have you ever noticed that the state of your house impacts the way you feel? If your house is cluttered, then your mind can feel “cluttered” too. If your closet is clean, you can start dressing better because you can now see all the items you own. If your bathroom is dirty, do you feel really clean after a shower?

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How to Get Kids Involved in Cleaning

When you have kids, you cannot fail to notice that the house gets messier. Clutter seems to breed. Somehow, even though there are more people in the house, you do not have more help. So, what to do?

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How to Get Your Kids to Keep Their Rooms Clean and Tidy

Getting your kids to keep their rooms clean and tidy can feel like a thankless task. However, looking after their home and keeping it clean and tidy is an important life skill that they need to acquire.

You are probably fed up of hearing yourself nag them over this, but asking them to contribute to the overall running of the family home is not unreasonable.

Reward and praise your kids for tidying and cleaning. Positive words from you will go a long way towards a more harmonious home.

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How Healthy Cleaning Products Protect Your Family

Many people assume that because cleaning products are sold without permits or restrictions, they are safe to use. Many cleaning products are incredibly toxic! Think about what they do. Even using a product on the wrong surface can cause damage, so think about the impact this can have on human health.

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Balancing Your Pet, Your Kids, and Your Home

Life can sometimes feel like a bit of a juggling act. Balancing the needs of your kids, work, pets, and household chores is not easy!

As well as going to work and taking care of your family and pets, there’s one other item on the agenda. The cleaning of your home!

This can feel like an endless and unachievable mission. However, Real Simple is here to help you get the seemingly never-ending work done at maximum speed.

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