Best Beaches for Your Bucket List

Summer might be the most exciting season of the year. There is so much to do and to explore that you can hardly know where to begin. National Bikini Day is July 5thand whether you sport a bikini or rock out a caftan, it is the perfect day to try a new beach. These 10 are truly special.


Top-Ten Best beaches for Your Bucket List

  • Vermilion Main St. Beach, Vermilion, OH…You may not automatically think “Ohio” when you hear the word “beach.” However, Lake Erie is simply breathtaking and it is big enough that the views rival those of any ocean.

This beach is rarely crowded and is always full of treasures to find. The sand is soft, the view is beautiful, and the sunset comes every night.

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The best time to go is definitely summer if you want to swim, and anytime if you want to see true natural beauty. Great for families.

  • Siesta Key Beachline, Florida…Siesta Key is stunning. The waters are a beautiful bright turquoise shade and the sand is soft and white. The shells are plentiful and fun to collect. A great place to take your family when you are looking for a week of laying around the beach and never get bored.This beach is perfect for visiting year round. You can learn more at


  • Clearwater Beachline, Florida…One of the most popular destinations for Spring Break! The water is crystal clear and the beach is a brilliant white, with fine sand as soft as sugar. You may even see a dolphin or two that comes to swim with you.This beach is great for visiting year-round but if you want less of a crowd? Simply steer away from the Spring Break season. You can learn more at


  • Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve in Oahu, Hawaii – Believe it or not, this amazing cove is an old volcano crater. Talk about checking something off of your bucket list! This location is famous for its amazing snorkeling. It is the perfect place to escape and if you want a little city life too, you are in luck. Honolulu is not that far away and it is good weather year round. You can learn more at


  • Lauderdale, Florida…There is something called a “wave wall” that runs seven miles along this beachline. Oe one side is the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, and on the other side is the paved walkway where you can shop, eat, and explore this beautiful area. You can visit here all year and it is another mecca for the Spring Break season. You can learn more at


  • Lanikai Beach in Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii…Simply look up a picture of this beach and instantly you will understand the appeal. It rivals any Caribbean beach and is simply stunning in terms of beauty, especially with its blue-green waters. Can be less busy than bigger Hawaiin beaches and the weather is good to go all year round. You can learn more at


  • Glass Beach in Ft. Bragg, CA…Are you in love with sea glass? Come to this beach and you just might see more beach glass than you do sand. It is simply stunning and its exquisite and colorful glass pieces sparkle like priceless diamonds in the sun.It is a once in a lifetime opportunity and even though the water may be freezing, the scenery more than makes up for it.You can learn more at
  • Emerald Isle Beachline in Emerald Isle, North Carolina…Their slogan is “Nice Matters” and this beach town is truly a nice place to visit. The ambient air and water temperatures are brilliant from spring to fall. And the water is an exceptional turquoise shade.It may not be as touristy as some more well-known beaches but the sheer gorgeousness of it is all you need. You can learn more at
  • South Padre Island Beachline in Texas…This beach is perfect if you are into nature and offers turtle and bird watching! There is a great boardwalk to walk on and it is one of Texas’ barrier islands. Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, you know that you can enjoy calm waters and a fun family vacation.You can learn more at

No matter which beach sounds best to you, the important part is getting away. Smell that salt air, bob in the waves, and eat seafood caught that day while enjoying the warm breeze, the amazing views, and revitalizing wildlife.

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